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Family week

Family hiking week of 6 days

In the heart of the Canary Islands we will discover Tenerife by boat, walking or on a bicycle, amazing landscapes worthy of the best science fiction films!

From the black sand to the mysterious volcano underneath the burning sun.

You will be astonished! All is possible on the island of eternal spring!

Day 1 – Camino Real

On the first part of this old royal path, we will be surrounded by unique nature and we will have a magnificent view of Teide. On the second part, we will walk between cultivated terraces, where you can see tropical fruits, such as bananas, mango and papaya.

Day 2 – Visit the place of the last eruption!

We will explore the youngest place of Tenerife, surrounding the volcano Chinyero. Discover the different volcanic forms crossing lava flows and forest of canarian pines. Big black lizards will be watching us all the way!

Day 3 – How many goats!

We will walk between the mountains, where we cross an enchanted forest to get to a little village where the rise goats to produce milk and very nice cheese.

Day 4 – Everyone on bikes!

An unforgettable adventure surrounded by banana plantations and cultivated terraces.

Day 5 – In the clouds

We will walk towards the volcano Teide, the highest in Spain. We explore “Las Cañadas”, an enormous desert more than 2.200 m high. Live an unforgettable experience going up in the cable car to 3.550 m and enjoy the amazing views of Tenerife and the other islands.

Day 6 – Go for a splash!

Enjoy a relaxing day in Siam Park, with many attractions and a enormous swimming pool with waves.

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