Who we are

Our company:

Fifteen years ago, Canaventura was created by two friends, one French and the other Spaniard, lovers of nature and the islands. They have been living in Tenerife more than twenty years, absorbing all its culture and traditions.

Our principal motivation is to develop an ecotourism sustainable, showing our customers the natural and rural way and their local people. We are convinced that if we work side by side with the small craftsmen, restaurants of typical home-made canarian food and farm workers, our customers will learn and enjoy much more about the way the canarian people live and their culture.

Our team:

Canaventura’s team is formed of guides interpreters, passionate to show and share with the customers their wide knowledge about the flora, fauna, agriculture and local customs. Our commitment is to offer a new and good quality service of ecotourism to our customers.


Our material:

We also have the vehicles to take small groups to the places where we start the activities.

Our logistics:


We also work in collaboration with a bus company, which has different size buses to take bigger groups, such as company groups, school groups, etc.

Maritime transport

For our excursions that need a maritime transfer we work with a maritime company that put to our disposition boats of different sizes depending on our necessity.


Where are we?:

Our office is in Costa del Silencio, a small village in the south of Tenerife but you can always find us in the canyons, summits, caves, sailing near cliffs or between some cultivation of the island!
At sea level, Tenerife has an annual average temperature of more or less 22 °C and the sea temperature is always between 18 and 25 °C, this allows us to make and enjoy different types of outdoor activities all the year through.

Visiting high mountains, in the winter, we can find meteorological extreme conditions as snow, ice, wind and low temperatures (under 0 degrees), these situations give us some excitement on our trips!

Our office…


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