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Easy week

Easy week of 6 days

A journey of contrast between Tenerife and La Gomera, you can easily explore different landscapes of Tenerife. Each day a different environment: moon landscapes in The National Park of Teide, the rocky and high walls of Masca ravine and the canarian pine forest. We will follow the route of Cristobal Colón in La Gomera where the dense vegetation will surprise you!

Day 1 – Masca

Keep fit day.

Depart to the deep ravine of Masca. We start our descent surrounded by impressive decorative rock formations with some as high as 400m. We arrive at the small black sand beach where we have the possibility to have a refreshing swim, before a boat comes to return as to Los Gigantes with magnificent views of the cliffs.

4 hours of hiking

Elevation: -660m.

Day 2 – Roques de García

We´ll walk through the National Park of Teide discovering its wonderful views, the fauna and the flora. This park classified as Unesco world heritage will leave you “open-mouthed”.

2 hours of hiking

Elevation: + 175m. /- 175m.

Day 3 – Teno

Depart from “Barracan” to start our walk between the massif of Teno and crossing “laurisilva” forest. A walk with views of the southwest and northeast coast of Tenerife.

3 hours of hiking

Elevation: +200m. / -200m.

Day 4 – La Gomera

One day in La Gomera where Cristobal Colón started his journey to America. When we get to the National Park of Garajonay we start our walk to the little village of “El Cedro” surrounded by dense “laurisilva” forests with a stream in between and cultivated terraces.

In San Sebastian you will have free time to swim in the sea or explore the town.

3 hours of hiking.

Elevation: + 300m. /- 300m.

Day 5 – Natural reserve “Malpaís de Güimar”

We leave from “Puertito de Güimar” following the coast and the little houses of the fishing man to walk to the protected natural reserve. We will cross lava fields surrounding a crater, where we can see the local flora with a big variety of succulent plants and cactus. If you wish you can have a swim in the sea.

3 hours of hiking.

Elevation: + 50m. / – 50m.

Day 6 – Teide

Leaving from “Las Cañadas” at 2.200 m we will take the cable car to “La Rambleta” at 3.550 m. Then we start our descent of the volcano through a small footpath of volcanic rocks with amazing views of the caldera and the other islands. We will stop for lunch at the shelter “Altavista” at 3.260 m. We will finish our tour at the base of the volcano surrounded by enormous volcanic bombs!

5 hours of hiking.

Elevation: -1350m.

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